VW Passat 2011 Steering Lock Coding

We recently had this vehicle in for a replacement steering lock module.

These need to be coded in using the dealer tool, ODIS, in order to ensure the vehicle will start as it is a security related item.

We have full Independent Operator status for VAG Group and can perform security related functions such as module replacement and key coding.

Call us on 01543 452630 to find out more.

Vauxhall Owners – “Service Vehicle Soon”

Calling all Vauxhall Owners……

Have you seen this light on your dash and thought, ‘I need to book my car in for a service?’

This light is NOT a service light.

This is a non-emissions relevant fault code light.

Your engine management light illuminates for faults that can increase the exhaust emissions of your vehicle.

It has to do this by law.

This warning is Vauxhall’s way of telling you that you have a non emissions fault on your vehicle.

Treat this light as an early warning for your vehicle, as leaving it too long can lead to power loss or possible engine issues and the engine management light coming on.

A very confusing way of informing drivers of this.

If you see this warning, give us a call.

We have Vauxall dealer software in order to accurately and quickly resolve any issues you have.

The Dangers of using Generic Scan Tools

Lots of Errors
The dangers of using generic tools on newer vehicles…..

We recently had this 2015 Peugeot 308 in for a running issue.

When we finally managed to communicate with the vehicle (recessed pins in the diagnostic connector!) we plugged a generic scan tool in for a quick look, to be presented with 304 faults in the central electronics!

We then proceeded to plug in the genuine Peugeot interface and connect to the vehicle with the genuine Peugeot software, revealing that the vehicle only actually had 4 codes stored in all systems.

Specialist tooling is required now to even start to diagnose a vehicle – generic scan tools can often provide incomplete or incorrect information and as a fault code is a starting point in any diagnosis, taking your vehicle to somewhere with just these tools can mean extra expense for your as they may be chasing faults that do not exist.

We have main dealer tools and software for most makes, which makes us a real alternative to a main agent.

To see if we can help you give us a call on 01543 452630 with your motoring issues.

Jaguar XF 2016 Adblue Faults – P2BAE, P2BAF

This week, we were presented with a vehicle that displayed ‘Adblue Dosing Fault – No Restart in 232 Miles’, even though the adblue tank was full.

Carrying out a quick scan of the vehicle revealed fault codes of P2BAE and P2BAF – NOx exceedance – control monitoring system.

Using the Jaguar / Land Rover dealer tool, we were able to carry out a full system test of the AdBlue dosing system and confirm all was in working order, carry out all the required resets and return the vehicle to the customer in full working order.

If you’ve got an adblue issue with your Jaguar or Land Rover, give us a call on 01543 452630 – we have the correct diagnostic equipment to carry out work on these systems to main dealer standard at a lower price.