ECU Reprogramming and Coding – BMW, Mercedes, VW, Seat, Skoda, Peugeot and Citroen

We now offer a wide range of programming and fault finding using genuine dealer tools and software. This gives our customers incredible value for money as we can carry out many procedures that would usually have resulted in an expensive trip to the dealer, plus we have the latest technical information for most brands on […]

Citroen Relay 2016 – P1490(68), P1490(92) – Limp Mode, No Power.

We recently had this Citroen Relay in to the workshop with a massive lack of power and two fault codes logged – P1490(68), P1490(92). After speaking with the customer, we determined that the vehicle had been elsewhere and a DPF Regeneration had been carried out, however the light came back on fairly soon afterwards. Before […]

Audi A4 2016 – Limp Mode, No Power, P2002, P2209

This Audi A4 came in to us with an engine management light on and lacking power. A fault code scan revealed two codes of interest – P2002 Particulate Trap Efficiency Below Requirements and P2209 – NOX Heater Circuit Range / Performance. Using manufacturer wiring diagrams and dealer tools. we developed a test plan to get […]

Stay Cool and Comfortable with Your Car’s Air Conditioning

Finally, the winter is over and the UK is enjoying a rise in temperatures and some sunshine again. Of course, when you’re travelling by car, this means you’ll need your air conditioning running instead of your heater. Since it’s been out of action for a while, there’s the chance that you’ll turn it on and […]

Ways to Make Sure Your Vehicle is Ready for the Spring

Spring is here and you’ll be as glad as we are that the cold and wet weather is nearly over. The colourful flowers are blooming and the sun is starting to make an appearance again. Have you kept up with your car’s maintenance over the winter? The majority of drivers don’t and this means that […]