Need Help Choosing New Tyres? This Guide Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know

At Fitch Autos our focus is on keeping you safe whilst offering great value. We are asked a lot of motoring questions, a common one of those being “which tyres should I buy for my car?” The range of tyres that Fitch Autos can offer is extensive so we thought it would be a good […]

Don’t Carry On Driving When A Warning Light Comes On……

At Fitch Autos we are very keen to keep you on the road in a car you can trust. The Fitch Autos technical team specialise in technical diagnosis so we’ve put together this quick 3 minute read to answer that all important question. So, one of your dashboards’ warning lights is showing. What are you […]

How Correct Wheel Alignment Will Save You Money

Fitch Autos has over 30 years experience offering great customer service, affordable pricing and a high level of service and expertise for your vehicle. We want to keep the motorists in and around the Brownhills and Burntwood areas safe, and so we’re keen to share useful tips on how you can save money and maintain […]

Nissan Qashqai 2013 – P2002, P2263, P1525, P0380 – Fixed!

We recently had a Nissan Qashquai in with us with a severe lack of power and multiple lights on the dashboard. A code scan revealed the codes listed above. Carrying out an in-depth assessment before any DPF cleaning took place, we were able to establish the causes of the DPF blocking, meaning that these could […]

MOT Checklist and Top Ten Tips To Pass Your MOT

Five Minute MOT Checklist Fitch Autos have been carrying out MOT’s in Brownhills for many years and we’re here to help your car pass the MOT First Time which is why we’ve put together our MOT Checklist for you. With this MOT checklist, you’ll give your vehicle the best chance of passing the MOT first […]

Mercedes C200 2015 P2BA9 – AdBlue Quality / NOx exceeded

Another day, another Adblue issue on a vehicle….. A Mercedes C200 came in to us with a warning on the dash saying “Adblue Dosing Fault – No Restart in — miles” Using our Mercedes genuine software, we were able to check the operation of all related Adblue system components and ensure they were all functioning […]