Vauxhall Owners – “Service Vehicle Soon”

Calling all Vauxhall Owners…… Have you seen this light on your dash and thought, ‘I need to book my car in for a service?’ This light is NOT a service light. This is a non-emissions relevant fault code light. Your engine management light illuminates for faults that can increase the exhaust emissions of your vehicle. […]

Jaguar XF 2016 Adblue Faults – P2BAE, P2BAF

This week, we were presented with a vehicle that displayed ‘Adblue Dosing Fault – No Restart in 232 Miles’, even though the adblue tank was full. Carrying out a quick scan of the vehicle revealed fault codes of P2BAE and P2BAF – NOx exceedance – control monitoring system. Using the Jaguar / Land Rover dealer […]