Citroen Relay 2016 – P1490(68), P1490(92) – Limp Mode, No Power.

We recently had this Citroen Relay in to the workshop with a massive lack of power and two fault codes logged – P1490(68), P1490(92).

After speaking with the customer, we determined that the vehicle had been elsewhere and a DPF Regeneration had been carried out, however the light came back on fairly soon afterwards.

Before recommending a DPF clean we carry out a thorough inspection of the vehicle, checking all the possible underlying causes for the issue so we can be certain that the repairs we suggest will ensure that the DPF does not block again due to an issue on the vehicle.

It was lucky in this case that we did – although there were no faults relating to anything else, we quickly determined a component failure was the cause of the issue and that the previous company had cleared the codes when carrying out a regeneration.

The component was replaced, the vehicle was tested on the road and the DPF system performed a regeneration, indicating that it was now fault free and back to normal.

If you have any suspected DPF issues, give us a call – a £90 assessment to correctly identify the cause of the issue is much cheaper than a wasted DPF clean!

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